Jenson Malibu wall mount

SKU: jensonmalibuwall
  • One-of-a-kind for Jenson Vanities, this framed "wall-hung" cabinet has full overlay slab doors and drawers which keep the lines clean, simple, and modern. All grain patterns on the front and sides are horizontal providing a unique contemporary look.

    • The Malibu wall mounted vanity comes with Premiere soft close doors and drawers.
    • Horizontal grain direction on all doors, drawers and sides.
    • Easy to install.
    • 5-1/4" Satin Chrome Bar Pulls included
    • Echo Wood™ engineered veneer is made through computer design & technology to reproduce natural wood species without impacting the forests.

    Cabinet Sizes

    • Length: 30" to 48"
    • Depth: 18"
    • Height: Standard 21-3/4""

    Available Wood Species and Stain Colors

    • Beech
    • Natural Beech (NB)
    • Light Beech (LB)
    • Ash Beech (AB)
    • Grey Beech (GB)
    • Iron Beech (IB)
    • Spice Beech (SB)
    • Mocha Beech (MB)
    • Dark Beech (DB)
    • Maple
    • Natural Maple (NM)
    • Light Maple (LM)
    • Ash Maple (AM)
    • Grey Maple (GM)
    • Iron Maple (IM)
    • White Maple (WM)
    • Spice Maple (SM)
    • Dark Maple (DM)
    • Echo Wood™
    • Natural Echo Wood™ (NE)
    • Light Echo Wood™ (LE)
    • Spice Echo Wood™ (SE)
    • Mocha Echo Wood™ (ME)

    Special Notes and Considerations

    • These wall mounted vanities are not intended to be mounted next to a wall where a door jamb might impede the full over-lay drawers from opening.